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Rubber Tire Industry Blade

Rubber Tire Industry Blade are available in different shapes such as pointed tip, straight, circular, toothed, convex, curved, interlocked blades, etc. depending upon their use. They are used in different cutting procedures including sheeting, trimming, slitting, perforating, rewinding, etc. They are precisely constructed in custom and standard size as per the requirement from high quality hardened tools like steel or tungsten carbide. They are found in various mechanical and other industries to be implemented in several rubber cutting applications. The rubber cutting operations for which they are made include cutting of tires, belts, mats, carpets or any type of rubber made material.


  • Durable Rubber Blades for long term process.

  • Rubber blades are strongly constructed which do not get bend or break.

  • Made in variety of dimensions and shapes.

  • Can be easily customized according to users requirement.

  • Specifically engineered so that can perform better at the time of use.

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Plastic Shredder Blades

Price: 30 USD ($)/Piece

Your interest in a very much designed Plastic Shredder Blades will be more than supported by efficiency profits, and a long instrument service life. In any case, to appreciate every one of these advantages, you should choose the correct blade most fitting for the current task. Customer will get ideal cutting rate and most extreme sharp blade life.

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Rubber Slitting Blades

Price: 30 USD ($)/Piece

When the sharp edge on a rubber slitting saw is excessively dull, it will put an undesirable strain on both the operator and our Rubber Slitting Blades. Note that a too elevated RPM for extended slicing will prompt untimely machine wear and steady loss of the cutting edge material. A lesser speed will deliver a spotless and expert smooth cut.

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Rubber Cutting Blades

Price: 30 USD ($)/Piece

Utilizing an appropriate Rubber Cutting Blades can induce profit of cash and time. For top of the line execution, it is suggested that a blade is made particularly for rubber cutting be utilized. The measure of the work decides our pliable blades design and pitch.

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Circular Rubber Cutting Blade

Price: 30 USD ($)/Piece

Circular Rubber Cutting Blade ought not to be mounted on regular circular rubber cutting saws. This is due to the measure of torque created amid rubber cutting could induce machine breakdown or ensue in administrator injury or device harm. A rubber cutting sharp edge creates crosscuts sheltered, straightforward and exact.

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Tire Cutting Blades

Price: 30 USD ($)/Piece

It is exceptionally prescribed that our Tire Cutting Blades are utilized for slicing through numerous solids and structurals. Development of materials on the bleeding edge calls untimely machine wear and whittling down of the knife edge material. Our professionally-assembled blade will prevent this development. One should particularly set the coveted cycles every moment (RPM) for tire cutting.


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