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Metallurgical Industry Blade
High-quality Metallurgical Industry Blades are provided with blades length up to 5500mm and diameter up to 1500mm. They ensure uniform hardness and durability as premium alloy and other raw materials are used in construction.
Packaging Machine Blades
Durable and sturdy Packing Machine Blades are provided with hard structure to resist abrasion. They are developed for meeting the demands of the toughest cutting applications.
Rubber Tire Industry Blade
Sturdy Rubber Tire Industry Blades are provided in durable construction to ensure no bending and breakage. They are available in a variety of dimensions and shapes for providing excellent performance for years to come. 
Food Processing Machine Blades
Food Processing Blades meet the different cutting and slicing demands of kitchens. These hygienic to use blades are available in sturdy designs and wear-proof structure to provide the best cutting results.
Plastic Industry Blades
Plastic Industry Blades are designed using the highest quality steel in specific dimensional tolerances for meeting the demands of precise cutting. They are provided in sturdy and high-quality materials for excellent cutting.
Slitting Machine Industrial Blade
Slitting Machine Industrial Blades are widely used for cutting a range of materials from sheet metal plate, aluminum foil, leather to film and other raw materials. They are easy to install n machines to provide the desired performance.
Slitting Machine Rubber Ring
Slitting Machine Rubber Rings are provided with spacers ensure to maintain clearance between blades and adjust the horizontal gap between the blades. They are designed using hard-wearing S45C, S50C, 65Mn and other raw materials to ensure excellent cutting efficacy.
Hook Blade
We offer a wide range of Hook Blade with single to multiple edges for the efficient cutting of the hard substances during the machining process. These are available in different sizes as per the machines in which they are going to be used.
We are one of the best manufacturer and supplier of heavy duty and sharp Shredder that are widely used in cutting machines of the recycling plants to reduce the sizes of the damaged objects like metal plates, rubber tyres and many other waste items.

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